How Health Insurance Policy Can Be Useful During an Organ Transplant?

More than 5 lakh people die in India due to the unavailability of organs every year. Imagine someone suffering from a severe health condition that requires an organ transplant in your family. What if an organ donor isn’t available?

However, even though you may get a donor, what about the high cost of an organ transplant? Organ transplant is a costly affair. According to reports, it can cost anything between 1.5 lakh to 36 lakhs. And this is quite an expensive proposition for most middle-class Indians.

But what if a robust health insurance plan comes into the mix? Apart from the superior health insurance tax benefit that such plans offer, health insurance plans can also be useful during an organ transplant. Let’s get into the details of the same before.

Health Insurance Covering Organ Transplant Expenses

Organ transplant consists of different levels of treatment. Here are a few areas under which you will have to spend money during the entire journey of an organ transplant –

  • Compatibility test – First, the doctors will check the compatibility between the recipient’s anatomy and the organ. This is a crucial step that determines whether the organ will be fit for the patient or not. There are certain medical screenings and tests to confirm this.
  • Pre-hospitalisation procedure – Once the doctors find the right organ for the patient, they will start the pre-hospitalisation process. First, a few tests are done to ensure that the patient is in the right condition to undergo this major operation.
  • Surgery – This step involves the hospitalisation of the patient and surgery. This is the main step that comprises most of the organ transplant cost. The total period of hospitalisation post-surgery is anything between 7 to 40 days.
  • Post-surgical procedure – Once the surgery is done, the patient cannot just leave the hospital! They will have to be under strict observation for a certain time to help the doctors determine their health conditions post-surgery. The doctors also need to judge how stable the organ is in the recipient’s body during this period.
  • Post-Surgical complications – Organ transplant is a risky and lengthy procedure. There have been several cases where the patients have developed new symptoms or where the body has rejected the new organ after a few days of the operation. In such cases, the doctors may perform further procedures to determine the patient’s health conditions.

Health Insurance with Organ Transplant Cover

Today, health insurance policies can offer the right coverage benefits at the most affordable premium costs. Certain best-in-class private insurers like Tata AIG offer affordable health insurance in India and great coverage options. You can get health insurance with organ transplant cover as well. However, it’s always prudent to do the right research before choosing a plan for yourself or your family.

Now, does insurance cover liver transplants? Does insurance cover heart transplants? Yes, there are certain cover plans available under a few insurers where you can avail yourself of this benefit. For example, even while looking for cancer insurance plans, you will find them easily online under several health plans offered by different insurers.

While buying a health policy, one needs to go through certain medical tests to diagnose health conditions. This happens as per the policy terms. Hence, if the policyholder needs an organ transplant, the insurance plan would cover the cost of the surgery and the cost incurred from the pre-hospitalisation tests and procedures.


You never know what challenges you may face in the future. If you have someone in your family who may require an organ transplant, looking for the right health insurance is advisable. Do not skip on the research part while selecting a health plan. This step will help you make an informed decision related to your policy purchase.