5 Questions to Ask a Potential Probate Lawyer

Dealing with the death of a beloved one is difficult. And the idea of handling probate issues can be more overwhelming. However, it helps a lot to understand the entire probate process.

This could be the best time to ask questions when meeting or choosing an attorney. Whether you are a beneficiary or an executor, it will be best to be important about the entire process. The best way to achieve this is to ask the following questions:

1.      What Should I do If Challenges Come Up?

Since probate cases involve family finances, issues may, at times, arise with the process. There could be allegations of coercion or undue influence, which need to get resolved.

Creditors may make claims, for which an executor doesn’t believe they are eligible. Measurement issues can arise. Your attorney for probate may review the legal problems surrounding the case and offer you legal advice.

2.      What is Your Expertise?

If you are looking to work closely with a probate attorney, then you should ensure you can trust them. Inquire about their experience when it comes to probate law. This must include their experience in court and how long they have practiced law.

So if you are dealing with a complicated probate case, you want to hire someone experienced with probate law, not someone new in the field.

3.      What Will You Charge for the Services?

Normally, probate lawyers don’t list their billings and fees on their sites. That is why it is important to ask a potential attorney how much it can cost you to hire their services. The charges can be a flat, hourly, or percentage of the property’s value.

Rates may also vary based on when you filed your probate case, not to mention the complexity of the work involved.

4.      Have You Dealt with Cases Like Mine?

Experts from their prior experience. Ask every attorney if they have enough experience to handle situations, which are similar to yours. If they don’t have enough experience, keep searching.

All probate cases are created differently. If a probate attorney is not confident about their capabilities to give you a hand, keep looking. Choose someone with prior experience in dealing with a situation like yours. This will ensure your mind is at peace.

5.      What kind of Cases Do You Deal With?

You must ask this kind of question because some attorneys who deal with probate cases also handle other law fields. Because of the case’s nature, you should deal with someone who focuses on probate alone.

You need to as well inquire with an attorney as to how many cases they have dealt with as an attorney. An attorney’s response to this can give you an idea of the lawyer’s experience.

In a Nutshell!

Probate cases are challenging to deal with and navigate. So you must look for the best lawyer. Besides, you will trust the attorney to distribute assets that hold value, both financially and emotionally. Thus, all these questions will enable you to determine whether the attorney is a perfect fit for you.